Sabong International

Sabong International: Next Level

Sports has always been a big part of the Filipino culture. The level of passion that Filipinos express for sports is way big that there are times that people say sports in the Philippines is like a religion. To give an example, basketball is the biggest sport in the Philippines, people would go out of their way just to play or watch a basketball game. If you would go to the streets of Manila, on every corner of each street, you would see a basketball court. People would fill up a twenty thousand seating capacity of MOA Arena just to support the Men’s National Team. Another sport that Filipinos never seem to get tired of is Sabong. Sabong International Sport is a big deal in the Philippines.

On every occasion that there is in the provinces, there would always be Sabong fights everywhere, especially during fiestas, Sabong International events are held in cockpit arenas wherein the Sabong Aficionados gather with their pocket full of money, ready to play with luck hoping to bag easy money after the fights.

Why do we love Sabong International?

But one question always pops whenever Sabong is the talk of the town, why do we love the sport? It involves roosters getting severely injured, but why do we love the sport? Is it because of the action-packed fights? The adrenaline rush? The money?

Filipinos are very passionate about Sabong International because of everything that was mentioned earlier. Filipinos love action-packed events, boxing matches, basketball games, and sabong fights. The satisfaction that it gives us is explainable but as long as it makes us feel more alive, we’ll never stop being an enthusiast of the sport. Yes, the adrenaline rush--the intensity of each fight just takes us out of our seats. It’s no secret that in Sabong you have to lean on one side, whether the Meron (the favorites, favored cock) or the Wala (the underdog), that’s why every time we watch a Sabong International fight, it gives us an adrenaline rush whenever our fighting cock is on the battlefield, the uncertainty of his victory just makes us excited and hyped every single time. Lastly, the money. It is also no secret to everyone that Sabong International is a billion-dollar industry. A win in every sabong fight is called “easy money” because all you did was place your bet on a fighting rooster and just hoped that your bet will win in that match. Filipinos are passionate about Sabong International because, for some Filipinos, Sabong feeds their families, Every win converts to a meal for their family, and the fact that it’s easy money entices a lot of Filipino to engage in these Sports Betting Game.

As we all know, the world is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and with that, all sporting events and mass gatherings are prohibited. With the undying love for Sabong, Online Sabong is introduced to everyone this pandemic. There are popular sites that provide streaming services for these Sabong International fights. One popular website is, a trusted, safe, and legitimate online streaming platform of Sabong International fights. All you need to do is create your account, cash in, and play. We’re currently winning right now! So what are you waiting for? Create your account now and join us to win easy money only here at See you!

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