Sabong Tips To Win

Sabong is mainly a game of luck – however, just like any other form of gamble, luck could tilt towards your direction most of the time if you know how to play your cards right. Here are a list of gathered tips that most sabong experts do when they bet on sabong games:

Before playing Online Sabong International, you should have an account wherein you can cash in your money and place bets on these Sabong fights. You can go to, create a new account by filling up basic information such as name, birthday, and email address(for identity verification). After verifying your account, you can cash in on your account and start placing bets on

Disclaimer: These tips may vary every game. Not the standard procedure that secures a sure-win.

- Tip #1: Scrutinize the Rooster’s Legs – the paler the legs, and the lighter the feathers the better.

- Tip #2: Observe Rooster’s Speed/Agility – active roosters that evoke a lot of movements are most likely active and agile once the fight ensues.

- Tip #3: Study the ‘Winning’ Streaks/Trend – most bettors rely on studying and analyzing win streaks of both corners and bet on the corner with more (consecutive) wins.

- Tip #4: Inspect Game Farms – most bettors examine several game farms yet only consistently bet on a single one with the belief that this would invoke consistency in wins.

- Tip #5: Spontaneous Shift in Luck and Betting – most bettors also have the belief that a sudden shift in the continuous trend of betting would also shift their luck for the better. These shifts often provide the most unexpected wins, yet the biggest amount in wins.

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