‘Sabong’ is a traditional sporting event in the Philippines with a long-existing history that could be dated as far as 500 years ago – long before the colonizers arrived in 1521. Sabong has been etched in Philippine history and has continued to be one of the most popular gambling pastime by the locals. Even after all the years since sabong was first discovered, it has transcended time and is engraved in the Filipino culture for the longest time. It is still growing as a national obsession among Filipinos all over the country, even in recent years. Sabong’s rules remain intact even after years since it has been first discovered – two gamecocks pitted against each other and the spectators watching would bet on the rooster that they feel like is more likely to win. Sabong has also evolved to adapt and fit in the standards of the digital world – in the form of online sabong.

Online sabong is traditional sabong adapted digitally through mobile applications or through a website. Online sabong is basically sabong within the reach of the fingertips of sabong enthusiasts connected digitally with the help of the internet. Now, people can watch sabong games online, and bet on their favorite pastime online. Sabong has also managed to evolve into expanding its influence globally – yes, sabong is now available online and has gone international.

International sabong now allows participation from selected areas all over the globe – meaning sabong streaming is now reachable all over the globe, and could now bet on these online sabong events. However, international sabong does not only cage itself into having international bettors, but some sabong websites also allow the participation of international derbies to compete. is one of the newest, up-and-coming sabong websites that offer these huge variety of sabong games online and internationally – and is sure to satiate every sabong enthusiast’s sabong needs on a regular basis.

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