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Last Man Standing: Sabong Sports

If there’s a word that could describe every Filipino, it would be ‘Resiliency’. It is in nature for every Filipino to be resilient in every tough situation that they grapple with. It’s just who they are, whatever tough situations they encounter, the resiliency and resourcefulness of every Filipino help them to overcome any obstacle that comes their way. As the whole world knows, Filipinos are one of the most passionate people when it comes to sports, whether it be basketball, volleyball, football, etc.

And the fact that Filipinos are known to be resilient and resourceful is one of the reasons why Filipinos are obsessed with Sabong Sports. Not everybody knows that Sabong is one of the most patronized sports here in the Philippines. Why? Because it could help them get out of tough situations in life, and one of that is poverty. Yes, there’s money in Sabong Sports--a ton of money that not everybody is aware of. Another reason why Sabong Sports is one of the most patronized sports in the Philippines is that it can bring a whole nation together, whether it be rich or poor, as long as you’re both supporting the same fighting cock, the rich and the poor becomes one. But it becomes different with how the rich and the poor see Sabong Sport as a game. For the rich, Sabong Sport is their escape from reality, their de-stress after a tiring day from their luxurious jobs, and a sport that would entertain them and make them forget the problems that they are facing. For the case of the poor, it’s a different story. They can’t afford to lose so many games, as much as possible they should place their bets on the right moneymaker, each win that they earn converts to food to their table. But why do they gamble their money in these kinds of games despite knowing that this game is a big risk? It’s because, by any means necessary, they will do everything to provide for their families.

Survival of the toughest.

In a Sabong Sports match, there’s no friendly competition inside the cockpit, the only thing that is set in the minds of these fighting roosters is to eliminate the enemy in front, to be the moneymaker of those who placed their money on them. And in just a matter of seconds, the soil-covered cockpit battlefield is covered in blood and one emerges victorious while the other one hanging on for dear life. For Sabong Aficionados, a win converts to money, and a loss means better luck next time. For gamecocks, a win converts to another day to live and fight, and a loss means they meet their end. And with everything that revolves around the sport, it’s what makes the sport great, it’s what gives everyone adrenaline rush and goosebumps as their favored gamecocks. You can witness these action-packed sabong fights on, one of the up-and-coming legit live streamers of these sabong fights. So what are you waiting for? Join us now and create your account! See you!

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